Past Exhibitions

“Outside” Selections from the Doug Simay Collection

Presented at the
Oceanside Museum of Art
September 22, 2013 through January 5, 2014

The catalog for this exhibition can be found on my weblog:
Online Catalog
"Outside: Selections from the Doug Simay Collection" is a landscape focused cross-section of
San Diego and Los Angeles artists that have driven and shaped Southern California’s
contemporary art scene over the past three decades as seen through the keenly perceptive
eyes of Doug Simay.  Through this special catalog Simay generously shares his observations,
adventures and most memorable moments of his extensive and passionate art collecting
career. Simay’s commentary and fascinating anecdotes are inspiring, touching, and hilarious,
reflecting his decades of experience with artists, dealers, collectors, and families who all
contributed to the building of this important art collection in San Diego.  Through Simay’s eyes,
we travel to his most frequented Los Angeles and San Diego based galleries, we meet gallery
directors and read about Simay trading cigarettes and coffee for paintings.    

Numerous characters in these pages still live, work and contribute to the San Diego art world,
many of them, like Simay, pivotal in the creation of what we know as the San Diego art scene
today.  We meet Jean Lowe behind the counter as a barista at Java, long before her art was
ever recognized for its dark whimsical humor in our community. Carol Nye’s impressive
photography illustrates the world of downtown San Diego in 1988, with buildings that have
come and gone, leaving her imagery as nostalgic traces of the past.  Mark Quint, one of the
most successful and important San Diego contemporary art gallerists of the last 30+ years,
intertwines his life with Simay’s very early on, as he still does today.  Critically important to the
gallery design and presentation of this exhibition is regional artist David Fobes, whose work is
not only showcased in this show but who also plays a significant part in the story of Doug’s
collection and life.   

Folding two initiatives together, this exhibition is not only comprised of landscape works from
the Doug Simay Collection, the Outside exhibition is one of  five exhibitions that make up a
museum-wide thematic focus on the subject of landscape art throughout OMA this fall.

This comprehensive look at the Doug Simay Collection not only allows for the enjoyment of
works from some of the best artists making work in San Diego and L.A. from 1978 to present,
but also emphasizes just how pivotal a role Simay played in forming, developing and
supporting our regional art scene.  On behalf of the museum, we sincerely thank Doug Simay
for his significant and varied contributions to our regional arts community for the past 35
years. And, we thank Simay for his efforts to bring this exhibition and catalog to life, so that our
audiences can experience the good ol’ days when David Fobes’ band played at Simayspace in
San Diego’s downtown Arts District to an audience of what would become some of the most
successful Southern California contemporary artists of the past four decades.

-Tara Smith
Deputy Director/Chief Curator
Oceanside Museum of Art

Link to:
Oceanside Museum of Art
Exhibition Artists:
David Baze, Stuart Burton, Gary Carlos, Steven Criqui, Joe Clower, Michiel Daniel, John Divola,
George Dombeck, James Doolin, James Fee, David Fobes, Eugenia Geb, Candice Gawne,
Lawrence Gipe, John Gossage, Larry Gray, Roger Herman, Todd Hido, Salomon Huerta, John
Humble, Ellen Irvine, Tom Jenkins, Garon Kiesel, Karla Klarin, Dimitri Kozyrev, Gary Lang,
Leslie Lerner, Richard Misrach, David Moore, Barrie Mottishaw, John Nava, Carol Nye, Arthur
Ollman, Patricia Patterson, Astrid Preston, Kim Reasor, Greg Reser, Brent Riggs, Philipp Scholz
Rittermann, Richard Sedivy, Ernest Silva, Paul Singdahlsen, Gillian Theobald, Mario Uribe and
Terri Weifenbach.