Past Exhibitions
Marjorie Nodelman: San Diego Artist

Oceanside Museum of Art
January 16 - June 26, 2016

Doug Simay, curator

Marjorie Nodelman (1950-2014) was a highly educated, high energy artist who helped define
contemporary art-making in San Diego in the 1980s and early 90s.  I met her in her downtown
San Diego studio in 1979 as I was just beginning to collect art and just learning how to interact
with artists.  Spending time with and learning from Marjorie formed a foundation for my
subsequent decades-long involvement with artists.
In similar fashion, Marjorie influenced many others around her.  In this exhibition the tale of
Marjorie Nodelman’s artistic career in San Diego is told by her friends and husbands.  
Accompanying the artworks are snippets of her story as told by those who she touched.  
One can read (perhaps all of) the wall text and in a non-linear fashion learn why many of us
consider Marjorie Nodelman to be an exemplary artist and of great importance in San Diego’s
art history.
The following people wrote essays about Marjorie for use in this exhibition.  
Without their contributions this story could never have been told.
       Bob Niedringhaus
       Tershia d’Elgin
       Elvi Olesen
       Scott Olesen
       Sheldon Nodelman
       John Herschel
       Mark Elliott Lugo
       Ellen Phelan
       Ellen Irvine
       John Durant
       Doug Simay

Pictured L > R: Sheldon Nodelman, Debbie & John Herschel, Elvi Olesen & Dick, Ellen Phelan, Susan Nodelman
Portions of the contributor's essays were reproduced and posted amongst the paintings
in the exhibition.  They were presented in a non-linear order - but in summary, they tell
the human story of the artist.
Follow this link to a PDF that has the complete text of this wall mounted labelling.
Exhibition Text